Friday, May 4, 2018

Nhut Thanh Chuong - Specialties Nghe

Speaking of the delicious dishes of Nghe can not mention the hen Thanh Chuong. This dish has become the "brand" that any visitors come here want to enjoy once. Suck is the familiar way of the Central people, is the salt scoop salt with rice is like the salt pickled by the North.

In Nghe villages, there are many places where there is a shortage, but the place is shorter and more popular than in Thanh Chuong district because it is famous for the delicious jackfruit of Nghe An province. Often, there is only one season a year, so salt is used to eat all year round, depending on the season that the processing of different dishes. Thanh Chuong has a long tradition, which is the popular and popular food of all families. Ingredients include green jackfruit and white salt. Green tea, the better the type. Jackets are on the tree, people picking down, peeling away the outer shell, wash out the plastic then put in hot or dry, using a knife or chop into strands. Then mix the salt and then put them in the mortar, using the hands to soften. Finally put in the rinse bowl on the surface, remove the blisters into the stone ball compressed down, pour the salt water into the flooding, cover dust cover, incubate for 5-6 days. Every day at a meal, a bowl of dipping sauce and fish sauce is enough. In addition, it is also cooked into soup or fried. In winter, the wind is cold, the meat is fried with chili sauce, sugar with hot rice is very delicious, sour taste of sweet, sweet of sugar, hot spicy chili, strands of fat to eat fat and eat very much. crunchy In the summer, the duck can make pig ears or sour soup with sour fish soup, soup to eat the strange smell of sour sour mouth is very good heat for the body. Or simply, shorten the sauce garlic sauce, vegetable broth to eat rice soup is also good. Sucking crispy crispy, salty salty, spicy chili peppers, and up the smell of jackfruit, sweet bar of sugar ... "blends" a very special taste. Come to Nghe An, eat a rural meal with tourists will understand more about people and the art of Nghe.

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