Friday, May 4, 2018

On land the two kings savor the specialties

Enjoy Duong Lam Lam meat not only as a specialty of the homeland but also a way to welcome the warm feelings of the people here, through the sophisticated preparation of this dish.

The delectable meat of Duong Lam village is not only famous for its distinctive flavor but also unique and sophisticated cooking methods. Each piece of meat weighing just 1kg takes up to 6 hours of processing to create finished products. Therefore, if you do not have much time, you can book ahead to enjoy this dish. However, it will be much more interesting to be involved in the process of turning the meat, direct tracking each preparation phase is also a very interesting experience.
Meat turns back
The first step is to choose meat. The meat of the baked meat must be fresh pork, the third only the thick, the meat, the fat layer interleaved as "three pointed." Many people have prepared carefully prepared meat from the slaughterhouse to ensure. The meat is thick, rotten crispy but still fragrant. Picking a piece of meat should also be carefully marinated, clever. The spinach is also marinated with familiar spices such as basil, pepper, fresh onions, salted fish ... What makes the meat attractive to turn the leavening is the guava leaves. The young leaves are chopped, marinated with meat, while the leaves of the dessert used to lick the meat before going to rotate. The taste of Bui Bui leaves of guava leaves mixed into the meat makes the taste of the meat turn to be attractive to unforgettable. The meat is carefully marinated to be neatly stalked a large bamboo stick lined banana leaves in. The bamboo is very strong and big to talk meat full embrace a round and definitely not use raw materials. Any other than bamboo, otherwise will affect the aroma of the finished product. Initially, the cook cooks a piece of meat about half a meter to the fire for about an hour. When the meat is pale, about 30cm lower for the meat near the fire. Still rotate pieces of meat, this piece of meat is ripe yellow attractive. Turn about 90 minutes down to about 10 cm, take the fire away, on the kitchen just burning fire. The meat must be crispy, bulging, at this time, the chef uses a bamboo slab to pierce the hole until the foam is spongy. The whole process from being baked to the time the product takes about 6 hours. During this time, it is necessary to have a cook, to see the end of the specialty of the village specialties. Stir-fried steak with crispy crust, scented with guava. Inside the crispy crust is soft sweet meat, fat eaten how much do not eat. Go to the ancient village of Duong Lam, besides visiting the charming village, visitors do not forget to taste the taste of the famous meat dish of the people here.

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