Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pearl culture

There are many kinds of precious gems and high export value such as Ma Ma, Hammer, Canh Dai and Jamson.

Pearl farming was born about 40 years ago. There are many kinds of precious gems and high export value such as Ma Ma, Hammer, Canh Dai and Jamson. The first sea-farming pearl village in the Northeast of Vietnam in Van Don island district, about 60km from Halong city. This profession was born and developed here about 40 years. Van Don island area has the area of ​​tidal flooded land is 10.969ha, along with thousands of land with water surface in the bay, spare parts, bay ... hidden in the stone mountain, the land of Bai Tu Long Bay. The ideal place to develop this profession. Van Don is home to four valuable pearl ostriches, including Ma's clams, Cajun clams, Canh Dai clams and Jamson clams. These are very precious pearl species and have high export value. With the water surface of tens of thousands of hectares, along with the climate and environment, it is very convenient for breeding pearl oysters, creating a large area of ​​pearl cultivation in Van Don. According to the ship to the bay, visitors have the opportunity to visit the "fishing grounds" breeding pearls on the sea of ​​"village" pearl oyster. In the sunshine of the morning to float the float, the cage net undulating along the wave, you will feel surprised, amused by the scenery here. In the past, the farming of mussels, implanted jade is done by manual methods. Cages for raising pearls are hung on bamboo poles, in small quantity, low economic efficiency. Nowadays, thanks to the application of technology raising cages with rope by the advanced science and technology such as hanging cage at depth not more than 2.5m so that when the tide is withdrawn, the cage should not be floating on the sea surface or not. At the bottom, other species will eat mussels or boys will mud sludge ... Another method is also applied, that is transplanted into truss with long and straight bamboo, area of ​​several hundred square meters / area. , each cage is 0.5m apart. Such races can feed mothers at different ages, it is easier to move boys.

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