Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Rach Gom shrimp dry trade village

The threshing bag of shrimp; Many people come to the sea to dry shrimps ... This image becomes familiar in Rach Gia market (Tan An commune, Ngoc Hien district, Ca Mau) every spring. They busy with their work to have each sign shrimp shrimps, dry shrimp for traders to sell three days Tet.  

Who has the opportunity to Rachc market on the early winter, in the fresh air of the early days, the scene here is really hot. Everyone starts their work. They have seven to dry. Especially, the three sides of Rach Gia is famous for a long time, but now there is a market that is often called dry shrimp market exciting days. According to the predecessors, dozens of years before the Rach Kok sea species of rare species come here live water. In the days of the season, the fish is concentrated on the shore as a "float". Therefore, Rach Kok is the country of: Assembly of fish sugar, three aspects. Now, Rach Kok is the residence of people from other places to set up. And to deal with their livelihood, they do many jobs to earn a living. Capitalists, groceries; The capital of buying shrimps from the boat after a couple of days to dry shrimp. Lack of capital, many profits are quite good, so the shrimp job has attracted many people wait until November (lunar year) the right time of shrimp head, shrimp ... are they started to work.   To the home of Ms. Luu Thi Nhanh, living in Rach Gom hamlet, hit our eyes are the floor connected with each other full of shrimps. Ms. Nhanh said: One year her family looks in November, 12 to make shrimps to order before. Her guests are mostly owners of restaurants, hotels or traders in Saigon first. Each shrimp price is about VND 350,000 (*). Want to get 1kg dry shrimps to buy right 10 kg fresh shrimp. Normally, shrimps at this time are the best. Many buyers, shrimps do not have the status "flock". Especially, sun drying is convenient because there is a sunny sunshine in January. If you encounter a rainy day, the shrimp will be damaged. Nhan can see the food to do, many people do shrimps as they focus on where Ms. Nhanh find "output". One day, the phone rang constantly to order shrimps, Ms. Nhanh stood out to buy the deal as promised to break the promise. Two years ago, shrimp head is the "great horseman" of the bottom row, boat in Rach Kok. In part, prawns have no place to eat. Sell ​​cheap as ducks that no one buy. At the start of the season, shrimp head down the heap. We are sorry, many people say, dry, try to see. Eat delicious and have a little money to salvage petrol money each trip to sea. But want to dry shrimp head is not easy at all. Cut the shell on both sides and salt water for one night, peel the spices for drying to dry. No doubt, when exposed to a sunny, dry shrimp head to the pan with hot grease caught out with the beer on the days of the new year. Therefore, dried shrimps are known to many people, the price increased. One shrimp cap is about 100,000 - 120,000 VND (*). There are still not sold in time. Mr. Ly Mong Hoang said: "From the day I dried shrimp headline, the people here very much. On the occasion of Lunar New Year, there is also the same rice from the shrimp headline. Several years ago, it's a sign of 100,000 VND but not a few. " Ms. Nguyen Kim Phuong - component of poverty reduction of Tan An commune - she met me, she said: "On average my family is about three, four dry shrimp headline. Dry bare ceiling, two hands bleeding but have money to spend New Year.

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