Thursday, May 3, 2018

Seagrass mats village

Thu Xa (Nghia Hoa commune, Tu Nghia district) and Co Luy (Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district) are the famous sedge mat villages in Quang Ngai.

Address: Thu Xa and Co Luy, Son Tinh District, Quang Ngai "My village mats dyed fresh color You are the rain and the wind and rain This presentation is all over the four directions Send the captain to rest the bed .. " Thu Xa (Nghia Hoa commune, Tu Nghia district) and Co Luy (Tinh Khe commune, Son Tinh district) are the famous sedge mat villages in Quang Ngai. The villages are located downstream of Tra Khuc river, Ve river, adjacent to Dai and Lo mouth, with many brackish and acid soils suitable for sedge (a herbaceous herb, soft, spongy). , when harvesting about 1 meter high), is the main material for weaving mats Another ingredient is a plant or jute. Jute is also planted in brackish water swamps; The rest is taken from the mountains. Thuy Hoa mat mats use fiber. Cache workers use jute. Yarn and yarns are used as carpentry wires, ie longitudinal wires for weaving mats. The first stage to weave mats after having enough raw materials is the loom. When weaving two-handed workman lifting the duff forward, making between the two fibers to create a loophole. At the same time, there was a person sitting at the side of the fiber and the oppressor made the fibers flat across. Workers continue to do so until the mat is finished. During the weaving, the worker often noticed the edge of the bend. Weaving the first plate, the technician noticed that the jute was a length so that when we wore the second sheet, the jute was connected to the jute jumper of the headplate, so the work was carried out quickly. Seagrass bed textile Projection of a variety of products, including single, thin, simple weaving. Colorful, thick, woven. Corrugated plate must choose the color harmony. Many colors are often thick, we must weave by other types. Single shots are usually from 8 feet to 1.2 meters wide, double screen from 1.2 to 1.6 meters. The next step is to print the image on the projected surface (for multi-color screening workers do not print). Picture mold is a bronze sculpture of the trumpet, lilac, peach, letter (happy family, hundred years of happiness), the shape (butterfly, peach) years of production. When printed, the white sheet is placed on the wooden reflector, the worker places the mold on the projection surface, draws the paintbrush on the mold, the crevices will print on the projection surface. Finished, the worker sent to the oven Oven high on average 3 cm. A turn of 30 screens. Bake steaming is for nine more paint and shade ... At this point the mat is finished and put on the market. At present, Thu Xa village has woven many kinds of mats, many beautiful colors, equivalent to Nga Son (Thanh Hoa), sold in the market provinces.

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