Friday, May 4, 2018

Stir-fried, unique dishes of Kon Tum people

Just sticky rice sticky rice familiar, combining skillfully with forest shoots but has become a familiar breakfast with people in Kon Tum. With many people living and working in Kon Tum, the familiar sticky rice with the first distant guests arrived, the sticky rice became a strange dish. Perhaps because they are familiar with the traditional sticky rice like sticky rice, sticky rice, green sticky rice ... so when you hear the sticky bamboo shoots feel curious. Steamed bamboo shoots.

Stir-fried bamboo shoots are made from sticky rice and fresh bamboo shoots. So each bowl of sticky rice steamed bamboo shoots look quite simple, including only steamed rice noodles and bamboo shoots above. Kon Tum people love to eat spicy so each bowl also has a red pepper, not picky but eye catching and attractive. According to many people in Kon Tum, the city has only two rows, the shop of the mother Hue has been selling for more than 30 years and the girl's shop opened. Although they are not the same, the sticky rice in both rows is equally good, making everyone happy and satisfied. How to make sticky rice is quite simple and not very sophisticated. Freshly bred after being peeled off in the forest, washed and cut into pieces. Through the process of preliminary processing to lose the smell, bamboo shoots are fried with spices to become rich. Sticky rice is delicious and soaked in salt water diluted with turmeric powder to add about 8 hours to bring the nine. Steamed bamboo shoots. Early morning, the seller placed next to the big sticky steamed hot pot stir fry with a set of fresh banana leaves to pack for guests to take away. Buyers only need to spend 7,000, who eat a lot of buying about 10.000 VND is a cheap and good quality linen underwear. However, if that is the only sticky rice in Kon Tum is not enough to attract. Beside bamboo shoots, the seller also skillfully processing more fish and bamboo porridge to add variety. So there is more menu to choose from. If you like vegetarian food, choose bamboo sticky rice with bamboo shoots, or choose bamboo shoots with your parents. On the fifteenth or fifteenth day of the week, the fish is replaced with tofu. Guests can call the sticky rice with beans or porridge to change the taste is also good and attractive. If the brittle crunch of bamboo shoots mixed with the plasticizer of sticky rice, the sight of the fish is enough to seduce the customers, when replacing fish with beans, the taste becomes even more strange. That is not the 7am daily, the sticky rice is gone, only the porridge is left. And this delicacy is only selling for an hour or so. Whoever wants to try again must wait until the next day. Porridge bamboo shoots
Featuring the charm of color with a little fresh gold of bamboo shoots, placed on the bowl of sticky rice, sticky bamboo shoots attract people with special aroma, so many people linger. just to buy the package to go to work. Inadvertently delicious food becomes the thing to hold people's legs once through the mountainous Highlands.

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