Saturday, May 5, 2018

Strange mouth with "mini octopus" in Quang Ninh

As a species of octopus, but only with the thumb, the people of Quang Ninh called the crawfish. Those "octopus" ni hidden under the beach of the parrot caught by the people in Quang Ninh to specialties ...

Speaking of Ha Long, people immediately think of the specialties of squash, Long legs fall from July to October lunar year. To catch the long legs should use the crab bowl - a fisherman's fishing net or netting in the hole. There are many ways to cook, the most traditional dish is boiled rice. Rust must be alive, catch up in the basket, rub salt and scrub thoroughly, then rinse it in a pot boiled with sour leaves, guava leaves. Leafy marmalade is soft and desiccate, guava leaves are acrid and crispy. When boiling, remove the broccoli washes cleanly on top of the strawberry leaves that were spread on the bottom of the pot, and then red water into the boiling. When boiling for the first time, you bump up once for the leaves and straws together. . Whenever the hole becomes pink, the tentacles curl up into small circles, which is when the spider is ripe. The peasants ripen when they become pink, the claws cling to the small circles, looking like a flower with many wings, beautiful. Duck sauce with shrimp paste is mixed with lemon, sugar, garlic, chilli. If for those who gourmand or like to drink with beer, can add a little sour or green banana and cup of national sipping wine, the food is boldly add flavorful home flavor. In the breeding season lay eggs, the people there called rice steamed rice. Rolled rice also is like the normal hole but the color and taste of it is very unforgettable. Unlike the salty sea, the sea of ​​Quang Ninh with water not so salty compared to other places so the fish here is also fresh and delicious. The smaller Quang Ninh shrimps, however, are bolder and more crunchy than the regular ones. When using the type used in food processing, we usually choose a small type, the type of cereal is the most delicious in the dish. A plate of rice steamed glutinous rice on the table, we can see the cool blue eyes of the sour, the white color of the banana, the light purple color of the leaves, the green color of the nails and especially color pink grasshoppers, small white spots of the rice steamed rice balls. Ruins are eggs, people called rice steamed rice. The dish of rice steamed sticky rice is multicolored, sexy: The sour cherry, the white of the banana, violet of the apricot leaves, the green of the leaves, the pinks and special, the white of the "nuts fried rice "in the fried bean cut ... All that is mixed with shrimp paste and garlic The steamed cucumbers are pink, the curls clinging to the small circles, looking like a multi-winged flower, beautiful. The characteristic color of the dish is the harmony with the green of the guava leaves, red roses of chili sauce, will bring a lot of fun. Rattlesnake, when cooked, has a sweet and crisp aroma - next to it is the taste of guava leaves, the spicy taste of chili sauce.

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