Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Visit the craft village of Phu Loc Tay

Five years ago, Phu Loc West Casting Village in Dien Khanh District (Khanh Hoa) was a sad village, because almost no furnace was blowing fire because there are no customers.

Apparently a village over 100 years old nestled in the river is about to be wiped out but now there is a strange rise in this place. The young artisans are advancing the essence of their predecessors to apply new methods of production to create products that not only retain the traditional look, but are also more acute. It can be said, the soul of a village is the artisans. In Phu Loc Tay, the essence of copper casting is being handed down to young artisans. The oldest person in the profession is Mr. Tran Lau (62 years old). When he was 12 years old, he still sits on the ground for candlesticks, incense burners, and necklaces. The bronze products at the hands of Mr. Lau are more beautiful and beautiful than others, so connoisseurs often go to his house to order. Mr. Lau has a traditional son, Tran Hai (33 years old). He is very loving father's job and was able to design products, check quality copper, pour copper master. To Phu Loc Tay at this time, if you do not know, it is believed that the village of pottery, because in the village wide yard, the boys learn to make molds of clay like pottery. As mentioned above, Phu Loc Tay village specializes in casting lamps, incense burners ... for worship. There are many different types from large to medium, with the lowest price is 150,000 VND / set to the highest of 500,000 VND. The main material for casting is bronze scrap purchased at 18,000 VND / kg. Copper stoves are still helping each other in the "exchange" way, meaning that when the house is cooked, the house to help and turn back. Those who do not have capital are eating the same way of making molds of candlesticks at the price of several thousand dong / set. Currently, Phu Loc West's products are consumed strongly. The cause is that the life of the people has been improved, the purchase of a bronze religious set no longer exceed the economic ability of the family. Besides, it must recognize the creativity of the artisans, have transformed the seemingly nothing item into a decorative art in the house. The revitalization of a village not only solves jobs for local residents, but also a unique village culture. Particularly with Phu Loc Tay, this is also the pride of many generations determined to retain their own characteristics after more than a hundred years.

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