Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Visit Dong Ho village

This is a famous folk painting village of Vietnam. Formerly known as Village is a village is a small village near the southern bank of the Duong River dyke, about thirty kilometers east of Hanoi.

The village still preserves the ancient painting of Kinh Bac. It is made on paper (paper is made of pomegranates, filtered and laminated), colors made from natural materials such as bricks, leaves, roots burned burning coal. In order to have a sparkling background, painters use clam shells, burnt scallops to form lime, pounded, plastic resin spreads on paper to create a unique. Dong Ho village paintings do not have to draw inspiration art that users use the board to print. In order to have the inscriptions reached the level of sophistication, there must be a model. Modelers and engravings require them to have an artistic and artistic passion, especially with a high level of technical skill. Painting is not difficult because everyone can paint the board and print. After the painting, even in the dry, the viewer still feel the color of the picture as fresh as wet. The cubes, placed next to each other, naturally harmonize. Blended colors are often taken from natural materials: black people have to burn bamboo leaves and get their charcoal; blue from the shell and leaves, yellow from the flowers, red from the body, roots, the color of the gravel from the mountains, white is the message ... In recent years there are some people Paintings used to have some color and modern chemicals, so the product has increased but the color of the paint is not as fresh as traditional paintings. So, in a short time the colors are fading. There was a time when folk paintings of Dong Ho were forgotten, so they made some pictures. Few households abandon the competition to make gold code. In the last few years Dong Ho people have rejoiced in painting more because our people have come to realize that the beauty of Dong Ho's simplicity is indispensable in everyday life. , especially on Tet.

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