Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Weaving brocade of Tay people Cao Bang

No one knows the brocade weaving of the Tay Bang people have ever known, but only know the brocade weaving they have long been famous for beautiful patterns, bearing national nuance.

Main materials for brocade weaving are indigo dyed cotton and dyed silk. However, due to the price of silk is expensive so today weaving brocade wool has a lower cost to replace. The process of weaving completely handmade brocade and the skillful hand and the patience of the Tay woman that the Brocade should be formed form very special. From the self-made brocade, the Tay woman dressed in blankets, bed linen, bed sheets and especially the costumes of the nation. In Cao Bang, brocade weaving is developing in Dao Ngan and Phu Ngoc communes (Ha Quang district) and in Nam Hai town (Hoa An district). Brocade products are now quite rich, lines, colors and beautiful souvenir meaning that visitors often choose to buy to relatives and friends when the opportunity to come to Cao Bang.

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